Egyptian minister calls black Africans dogs and slaves


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After an Egyptian minister calls black Africans dogs and slaves in a UN meeting in Kenya, Yvonne Khamati is leading a diplomatic war against Egyptian racisim towards Africans.


Egypt is in hot water with Africa once again, this time it is not with Ethiopia, but with all the black Africans. At a meeting of the UN Environment Assembly in Nairoby, Kenya on May 27, 2016 a sharp disagreement developed among member countries. Egypt and the other Arab countries wanted this one resolution about Gaza to be adopted by the UN Assembly, but it failed to be adopted. The Egyptians and the Arabs were not so thrilled about the situation and they blamed the African countries delegates for their failure.  Egyptian Environment Minister Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy Abdel Aal could not hold his anger and he allegedly called the black Africans “dogs and slaves”.

The African delegates abhorred the Egyptian minister’s remarks for insulting the whole population of Africa in such a manner.

The chair woman of the Africa Diplomatic Corp Technical Committee, Yvonne Khamati of Kenya is leading a group of African countries demanding the Egyptian minister to resign from the presidency of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN).

The Sub-Saharan Africa diplomats also want the Egyptian president to apologize in public. In a letter they sent to the Dean of the Africa Diplomatic Corps, the African diplomats want Egypt to be banned from representing the African continent in any official capacity until Egypt apologizes formally to all Africans.

Africans who lived in the Arab North African countries know very well the negative attitude towards black Africans by the Arab population, but to speak in such a way in a United Nations meeting is absurd.

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