Somali region defends special force actions in Somali and Oromia conflics

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Somali region president Abdi Mohammed praises Oromia and Somali security forces for playing pivotal roles to control the conflicts that were observed between the residents of the two regions.

The president that briefed the media Sunday December 24, 2017, in Jigjiga, stated that a claim that the security forces fueled the conflicts is totally false claim and irresponsible. He asserted that the role of the region’s special force was immense in the process of solving the problems.

He said that the role of the region’s special force in fighting Alshabaab, ONLF and OLF has been commendable. The region was a one of the places where the OLF used as a transit according to the president.

The president also said that the regional government is raising six thousand children of the deceased members of the special force.

Abdi also dismissed the claim that there is a difference among the Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP) and the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO). But, he said that there were accusations and these accusations do not indicate a difference among the two parties.

The accusations that have been raised from both sides of the regional governments are being discussed to bring reconciliation among the concerned bodies, according to Abdi.

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