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Let us take a glance at Abdi Iley’s administration and how its foundations are built and then I will leave it to you guys to come to your own conclusions as if it is a kingdom or democratic state, and who is it that needs to be struggled against for eradication for rent-seeking, tribalism, nepotism, and favouritism. I am afraid you will not belief what happening in the Somali region. By the way the presedent north korea would be ashamed if his government selection looks llike one of Abdi mohamud Omer. You can imagine the level of unjust, corruption, illegal killing, rape and violation of human rights.
1. president Abdi’s first wife: member of parliament for Dagahbour: level of education: Housewife
2. Brother of Abdi’s second wife( his brother-in-law)Kadar Abdi: minister of trade, transport, and industrialization as well as head of the political affairs. He is also a member of the governing party executive committee as well as the party congress. Level of education: ” 2 year Diploma”
3. President Abdi’s younger brother’ Khadar Iley’: the biggest businessman in the region. He alone can import clothes, food, drinks, construction material, he also owns the only rock crushing machinery. Prior to Abdi’s ascendance to power, Mr. Khadar was just an unemployed university of Mekele student.
4. President’s cousin: Abdirahman Burale: head of the security, full rank General, commander of the notorious LiyuPolice, basically the second most powerful man in the region. Level of education: none but he worked as police officer prior to his current position.
5. President’s cousin and the younger brother of the last discussed: Del Burale: deputy state minister of the presidency ( he is actually the minister but it is just a camouflage): level of education: nursing certificate, he awarded himself while he was head of the nursing college.
6. President’s other cousin: Muktar Sheikh Suubane: head of the Liyu-intelligence, third most powerful fella in the region. Level of education: none, complete illiterate he was a platoon commander in ONLF
7. Another of the president’s cousin: Nasrudin Anab: head of the regions water department( the department with the highest budget). Level of education: Van driver
8. The other cousin: Ahmed Maki: head of the Liyupolice ( the second most funded department affiliated construction scheme in the region after of course the water department). Level of education: Junior high school.
9. Another cousin Farhan Mohamed( the burnt face): head of the region’s department of broadcasting( TV, Radio, and Website). Level of education: Junior high and later cameraman
10. Another of his cousins: Colonel Sanyare: his personal protocol assistant. Mr. Sanyare’s wife is also deputy president of the region as well as minister of the department of agriculture. Level of education none, except for being a corporal in the notorious Liyu police. His wife though is a master’s degree holder all be it Ethiopian standard.
11. Another of his cousins: Yasin Dheere: head of the department of disaster prevention ( before his current assignment he was head of the department of the revenue collection). Level of education: illiterate
12. Another of his cousins: Abdifatax Qabase: head of the department of revenue collection. Level of education: unknown to us
13. Another of Abdi’s cousin: Dek Book: head of the logistics for the notoriously brutal Liyu police. Level of education and experience: porter at the warehouse of Mohammed Sheik Ali in Qabridahar
14. His uncle Cirro ( the grey hair): chairman of the ‘traditional elders counsel’ and special adviser to Mr. Iley. Level of education and work experience: a high officer of security services and later a colonel in the equally brutal Siad Barre’s revolutionary army in Somalia.His specialisation was torture, assassination and public crack down department head.
15. Shaarub his technical brother-in-law since he is married to colonel Cirro’s daughter( Mr. Sharub or Mr mustache): Mr. Mustache is the chairman of the region’s high court: level of education and experience: none but later was an officer of Siad Barre’s revolutionary army in the Somali Republic
16. Another of his many cousins: Hassan aka ‘ the popped out’: ‘ the popped out’ is the commander of the infamous Jail Ogaden ( the jail of brutality and humiliation for the region’s populace. Level of education and work experience: a Camel herder
17. His other cousin: Shafi Dayib: Shafi Dayib is the region’s detective general of the police force. Level of education: unknown, please share if you know!
18. Abdi Mahad Mohmed, cousin, minister of the state.
19. Ilyas Abdi Ismael, brother-in-law, and head of the wash program and third deputy minister of water.
20. Abdi Halim Ahmed Ismail, brother-in-law, and first deputy minister of water.
21. Abdirahman Uragte, cousin, and second deputy minister of water.
22. Colonel Farah Mahad, cousin and Liyuu Police commander
23. Colonel Hassan Soo Bahay, head of prison guards
24. Colonel Cawke deputy head of the Liyuu police intelligence unit
25. Colonel Shaafi Dheere Attorney general of the region.
26. Colonel Nasra hassan, cousin, and a Liyuu police commander, contractor
27. Colonel Deeq Jiri, cousin, and a Liyuu police commander.
28. Colonel Hamza Anab, cousin, and head of Liyuu police treasury.
29. Lubi Axmed Kaariye, cousin, and Head of ESPN.
30. Bashiir Waal, cousin, and deputy minister of the diaspora.
31. Colonel Dakare, cousin, and deputy police commissioner.
32. Colonel Yaasiin Abdi Waris. Cousin, and for head of regional security, now a business-man and Liyuu police commander
33. General Abdi Waris, cousin, regional Parliament executive and central committee of the regional party.
None of them were in a position of influence before Abdi Illee came to power, In fact, most them were camel herders, Thieves or village boys.
70% of the officer corp of Liyupolice force belong to Abdi’s and former head of Liyuu Police, now a business-man and Liyuu police commander.
34. Ahmed Hassan Waal, cousin, second biggest business-man after president Abdi’s brother. and contractor..
Majority of these people are members of core clan. The remaining 30% who hold positions of influence in his administration are somehow related to them, either by way of marriage or their mother belongs to Abdi’s inner clan! So the question this poses is, who should be struggled against and eradicated first, for the region to progress.

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