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The news that Dr. Hasan Abdilahi bade was arrested in Jigjiga is very troubling to say the least. I know Dr. Hasan. He was my colleague and a good friend during the years I have worked at the Regional Agricultural Bureau. During these years, I have come to known Dr. Hasan as gentle, compassionate and extremely peaceful man that won’t even hurt a butterfly.

According to anonymous sources that spoke to JH, Dr. Hasen’s arrest and the events that led it is more troubling due to the fact that he was not arrested for what he did or did not do but due to the fact that his uncle is a prominent leader in a movement that dubbed itself as ‘Dulmi-Diid’, which vaguely means ‘Taking a stand against injustices’ in Somali that claims to be fighting injustices in the Somali Region.

What is also more concerning is the fact that he was an ordinary citizen that was not even politically active and was going by his normal life in Jig-Jiga until this happened.

It is also important to note the fact that his father and his grandfather have paid the ultimate price while fighting for the rights of the Somali people and their decendents deserve better than this.

On the other hand, Dr. Hasan is one of those few highly educated people that needs to be given the opportunity to give back to their communities rather than randomly being arrested like this.

So, we are urging the authorities in the Somali Region to release Dr. Hasan immediately and unconditionally and restore his induvial and constitutional rights that has been trumped.

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