The breakdown of law and order in Amhara regional state has nothing to do with legitimate demand of the people

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Whenever the Amhara regional government is faced with violent disturbances and heinous crimes as is the case in Gondar last year and Woldeya, Qobbo, and Merssa this month the regional government tries to minimize things or deflect it. Instead of immediately identifying the real cause or source of the problem and take immediate actions to protect innocent lives and destructions of properties and to uphold the rule of law at any cost, they always sinisterly declare the causes for the crimes were “certain government weaknesses” and “legitimate people’s demands”. The Amhara regional government tries to justify, cover and legitimize the crimes and treat them as ordinary incidents between two legal bodies without showing any outrage. This is despite the clear fact that the crimes were masterminded, financed and coordinated by the long arms of Eritrea and Egypt and executed by their domestic loyal agents in this case ginbot-7 and they have almost nothing to do with the much abused “government weaknesses” and “people’s demands”. After all, what have these weaknesses and demands got to do with killing innocent Tigraian neighbors, burning and looting their businesses and all the illegal activities and crimes? The answer is absolutely nothing.
Ordinarily when people have “legitimate people’s demands” for their local or federal government they would not express their anger by turning against their civilian neighbors even if they support a different political party or their views are different from theirs.
This is the reality and no need to beat round the bush to divert the attention of Ethiopian people from focusing on the real cause of the problem. Furthermore, it is very sad to observe the recent shameful role and acts of the so called “community elders” and “religious fathers” in Woldeya where they publicly defended the criminals without uttering a single word let alone condemn the acts of crimes and without showing any sympathy towards the innocent victims. Normally, genuine and respected community elders and fathers would have condemned such heinous criminal acts, sympathized and supported victims and worked with the government to apprehend and bring criminals to justice. However, these so called “community elders” and “religious fathers” publicly sided with the criminals (with fresh blood in their hands) and demanded their immediate release. They were more concerned about the imprisonments of the criminals and the presence of security forces in their town than the lives of innocent victims and the absence of peace and law and order. How can one differentiate these bodies from the criminal thugs? I have utter contempt and zero respect for these so called “community elders” and “religious fathers” of Woldeya.

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